10 Essential Tips for Great Organization

No one is ever born organized. If someone tells you this RUN FOR THE HILLS! They are lying to you. Being organized is a behavior that is learned. So, in a nutshell, YES, everyone can be organized. The key is finding the right tools to get you started. Sometimes these tools are not physical, they can be tips, tricks & even hacks that will provide you with the quick wins you need to get yourself started. I have grown so much as an Organizer over the years, here are my 10 essential tips for Great Organization. ❤

1. Make your bed

It seems so straight forward but for most of us, making the bed is never a priority. I mean all we're going to do is get right back into it and mess it up again, correct. But let's backtrack a little, have ever been on vacation or stayed anywhere away from home that provided room service? If yes, then you will no doubt love the feeling of spending the day away from your room and returning to a beautifully made-up bed, fresh towels in the bathroom, and maybe an elegantly towel folded animal...You get my drift. When we see a made bed the room automatically becomes a lot tidier. Knowing your room is that little bit more put together realigns your mood. You start to look at things differently. It brings the phrase 'Spring in your step' to life.

2. Set yourself a goal

Rome wasn't built in one day! Every great plan, idea, invention, etc. started with a goal or #goals. What's yours? It could be to simply host a dinner party. Fantastic, set yourself a date and inform everyone. It may seem harsh but holding yourself accountable through others is sometimes one of the best ways to push yourself. But remember to always be honest with yourself. Your goals should always be realistic, if you set a goal that is not achievable you are ultimately setting yourself up for failure. If you know that it might take you 3 months set your delivery date for 3 months.


3. Create a Vision Board

Seeing is believing right. For some, it can be really hard to envision the end goal. With the likes of Pinterest, Instagram, Google, etc. inspiration is right at your fingertips. Create yourself a digital mood board and #pin, paste, cut, and stick away. A vision board helps bring your ideas to life. Think of it as your reference, the tour guide for your journey. Remember if you are feeling lost you have this to refer back to.

4. Make a plan

So you've set yourself a #goal. Next up is the plan of action. How are you going to achieve this? Think of the 5 W's: What, Why, Who, When, Where.

  • What do you what to achieve?

  • Why do you want to achieve this?

  • Who can support you (if needed)?

  • When do you want to start?

  • Where do you need to start?

For example:

Goal - To host a dinner party for family and friends

  • What do you what to achieve?

  • To make sure the house is well organized, neat, and tidy so that my guests can move freely with ease.

  • Why do you want to achieve this?

  • I want to feel comfortable having people over.

  • Who can support you (if needed)?

  • I can do this alone, I just need my partner to support my decisions.

  • When do you want to start?

  • Asap

  • Where do you need to start?

  • I will start with the lounge

Your plan should be detailed and will become bigger and bigger the more you add to it. This will form a checklist that you can simply cross off bit by bit the more you achieve. Eventually, your list will be empty and your goal will be achieved.

5. Research

Research, research, research. Should I say it again? Do your #research! If you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, read up on what you are doing. You might want to create yourself a pantry. Research this. What type of #storage is suitable for your home? What type of containers is right for you? Is plastic convenient? Do you want glass? It might seem like a lot to think about but doing your research will save you a lot of time, money, and effort in the long run.


6. Purge

To really and truly get yourself organized you need to be prepared to let go and give things away. Purge! And by purge I mean spend time going through your stuff. No, this does not mean that you need to sit and spend hours hugging and thanking your things for the times you once spent together. Simply create yourself 3 piles: Keep, Donate, Throw.

Your KEEP pile should consist of things you regularly use, cannot live without, really need, and if you haven't yet used it... You plan to use it sometime soon.

Your DONATE is everything you are ready and willing to send to a new home. Be realistic and honest with yourself. Don't keep something that you have no intention of using. Ask yourself, would someone else make better use of this? If the answer is YES, then it is ready to be donated.

Now, your THROW pile is everything that you no longer want to keep and or, you feel or know there is no longer a use for it.

Bonus Tip: Things that are worn, torn, or damaged such as t-shirts or jeans. Ask yourself if they could be recycled as something else. Could that worn T-shirt be a new cleaning cloth or pillowcase?


7. Donate

'One man's trash is another man's treasure!' Rewind to our teenage days where we would share clothes with our besties. This is how I look at donating. All around the world are people, families in need of food, water, shelter, clothes, toys, books... The list is endless. When donating it's always important to know who and where your donations are going. But that doesn't mean you need the name and address of every recipient. For me, I like to stick to a few chosen charities and organizations that support causes I believe in. They are close to my heart so I know that the people or causes they are helping will benefit & appreciate what I am sending.

As a reminder, donations are not always physical goods. If you are looking to make a little extra cash from some of your unwanted items. Maybe a small donation to a local charity is something you could consider.

8. Get a second opinion

Don't be afraid to seek advice. I always find this comes in handy when it comes to purging and donating. Some people will be the devil on the shoulder encouraging you to keep a few things. But there is a very large percentage that will be championing the new you. Having someone on standby to call and bounce ideas off is essential.


9. Document your progress

That feeling of wanting to give up is oh so real. Trust me, I've been there! But always know that you should be so proud of your progress no matter what size. Documenting this will give you something to refer back to, something to motivate and encourage you to keep ongoing. Keep a written or visual journal. Write down your big wins, take a picture of where you started and how it's currently going. 100% even if you simply moved something out of sight or removed the trash, no doubt it is looking a lot better than it did before.

10. Relax!

Yes, I know, even thinking about getting organized seems stressful but #relax. It's ok. Organizing is a journey, a process. During which you will feel multiple emotions. Some you simply can't control. it's expected and that is 100% OKAY! ❤ If you start to feel overwhelmed, stop, take and break and relax. No one is judging you, you are not a machine! Giving your mind, body, and soul time to recover will enhance your productivity.

Honestly, give it a try. I would love to see how you get on and feel free to share your frustrations or big wins. Help is always on hand if you need i😉😘

Lots of love,