Working, Motherhood & Professional Organizing!

That oh-so idealistic image of being that #momboss running her own empire, looking after her children, and maintaining a well-kept home is aspirational. I mean it really does scream #GOALS! But, are we striving to achieve a false reality, or is it really possible to truly have it all? Let's rewind a little. Decades ago the 'norm' for little girls growing up was that they were to find a good man 🙄 get married, make babies, cook, clean, and maintain a beautiful home. As in true spirit, this was executed to perfection. Women single-handedly did what was expected of them...and for some, either behind closed doors or controversially, they carved their own identities and paved the way for us.

Soooo... Should you give up your day job to maintain a functional system at home?

NO!!!!!! First and foremost, work is a hustle. So if you are holding down a temporary, part-time, or full-time job, you are a true inspiration. With this, you are already maintaining a functional system, one that requires you to get up, show up and get the job done!


In my opinion, holding down any form of employment requires effort and dedication. This same amount of effort can so easily be transferred at home. It sometimes really is simply a matter of allocating the right time. I mean don't get me wrong, after a hard day's work no one really wants to do housework. However, what if you took one weekend to declutter your entire home then, another weekend to organize it. You would literally be halfway to your goal. The final stretch would be maintaining your system and incorporating this into your weekly and daily schedule. These are the basic principles of the Samoht Method. Goal setting.

Is it possible to maintain a system and have children?

Most children no matter what their age are unpredictable. There is no right and wrong answer to this question because your children will either follow or ignore whatever you do. Of the many parenting styles, the following really stick out for me;

  • The Dictator

  • 'My way or the high way' approach

  • The Enabler

  • 'The choice is yours' approach

What is your parenting style? As a toddler mom, my approach to parenting is to allow my children to form their own opinions, have their own independence, and also be accountable for their actions. With that being said, this does not mean I allow them to have a messy room and draw on the walls. This simply means I like to involve them in most decision-making processes that affect them. For example, the first thing I like to do in the morning after brushing my teeth is to make my bed. So, when the children wake up I ask them to brush their teeth and make their bed so we can have breakfast. My philosophy is to encourage positive behaviors early on. Does, this always go how I expect it to go? Obviously not! I'm not a wonder-women, I know someday I will get a hard NO from one or all of the children. When this does happen my secret weapon is to encourage them with a treat of some sort. This is usually an activity, or a treat of their choice (within reason; sadly, usually sugary).

Now, remember, my way and style might not be the right approach for you and your family. However, it's a suggestion that you might want to try. If it works, then brilliant! If it doesn't there are always other solutions.


Is it really possible to have a Minimally Sorted home?

Yes! Come on now, anything is truly possible if you put your mind to it. Even streamlining your home and maintaining order. The concept of less is more always sings to me. I look at it as having more time to do more fulfilling and exciting things. For example, your lounge space. You use this space to sit/relax/chill, watch TV, entertain guests and possibly eat dinner right? So let's think logically, you need a couch or some seating (check!), and an entertainment system (maybe, check!), and potentially a dining table and chairs set (check-check!). Let's go wild and maybe throw in a rug and a floor lamp. That's 5 pieces of furniture to cover all of your needs in the room. That's all of your basic needs covered. Anything more could potentially crowd or even clutter the room. The first step to Minimally Sorting your home is identifying the need.

  • What do you intend to use the space/area for?

  • What do you need to fulfill the needs of the room?

  • Does the space/area serve multiple purposes?

Identifying your needs really draws your focus to what is really important. These are often things we overlook daily because our view is sometimes clouded. Once you have identified the needs for each space you can then plan what you would like to do and how you would like to do it.

Always think of minimalism as time saved. When you have fewer distractions and fewer options you have more time to focus on what is really important. This is where you can truly start to prioritize and focus on maintaining a strong system.


So, can you really have it all? Hell yes, girlfriend, and if you haven't already made waves to get it now is your chance. If you feel that you need a little push and or support feel free to hit your girl up, I am happy to help.

Lots of love,